Here on this land,

we have an appreciation for how we grew up with the outdoors.

We want others to experience it.

Here on this land,

our family has been farming for 11 generations. This land is a part of our heritage. Everything here is respected, nurtured, conserved. It has been this way for almost 200 years.

Healthy land, healthy wildlife

Growing up here meant not just learning about agriculture, it meant learning about all that the land had to offer: the wildlife that inhabited it, the soil, the land's ecology, its biology. The outdoors were a source of pleasure here, both hunting and fishing. Every bird is an invited guest. Every deer a treasured resident.

We are still an operational agricultural farm. And over the generations, we've become experts in the stewardship of our land. We are constantly improving our techniques and the technologies that allow us to cultivate it. And because it means so much to us, we continue to make conservation a top priority. We're pretty good at making our land not just productive, but attractive to wildlife.

Hospitality first

When we decided to start Broomsedge Rod & Gun, our aim was to give like-minded people access to land they may not have otherwise. We want to share the experience.

And our own love of the outdoors has led us around the globe on hunting and fishing trips. We've seen all kinds of examples of conservation and hospitality. We've learned from these and implemented the best practices here in how we run Broomsedge. We want you to be comfortable, and we think we have a good idea of what that looks like.

So if you love hunting and fishing, if you have a respect for wildlife, if you enjoy the outdoors, we invite you to come enjoy our land. We're pretty proud of it and all it has to offer.

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