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Five-Stand Shooting for up to 5

Plus a $50 credit* for each person for use in our Pro Shop, lodging credit, or hunting credit.

$500+ dollar total value

*prize, including credit, must be used during one trip

Warm up with 2 rounds of 5-stand shooting

Our newly opened 5-stand offers a great way to warm-up for a hunt or get in some extra practice. Each round is launched from our six throwing machines. High shots, low shots, crossing shots. You can call them, or have them thrown randomly. Compete with friends, or just focus on your own techniques.

Our Pro Shop

Get yourself a new Yeti tumbler and a hat. Maybe you need a new pair of boots, or some winter camo. Your credits can be used in our new Pro Shop.

Entry for Fall Shooters Package

We'll choose a winner on Monday, October 16th.

Winner will be notified by email and phone.

Thanks for entering. Good luck!