Mallard Club

Offered to less than 40 hunters.


Our exclusive Mallard Club is for the serious duck hunter.

Reserve your spot before it sells out.

Membership includes:

  • 10 hunts per season
  • 100 mallards total limit
  • 1 guest per visit (guest’s harvest counts towards total)
  • 10 nights of lodging and meals included
  • Use of dog kennels and bird cleaning station
  • Membership runs October-March 31
  • Option to add deer hunting membership, but with free lodging bonus

The Mallard Club




A 50% deposit is required to secure a membership. Deposit is non-refundable. Membership must be paid in full by July 1st of hunting year.

Bird cleaning is included (breasting). Bird plucking is $5 per bird.

Call us to discuss details.

We are a waterfowl paradise.

Plenty of WATER

Broomsedge has 40 beaver ponds and 25 man-made lakes. This means we have an ever-changing scenery for the ducks that use the habitat we have created. And because we irrigate and have many wells on our land, we often have water for ducks when no one else does.

Plenty of DUCKS

Federal wardens have told us that we have two of the largest duck habitats in all of Georgia. Duck counts this past year alone were up 1,500 ducks per sanctuary. Our extensive rice, millet, corn and grain sorghum availability keeps the ducks coming.


Waterfowl management has been an ongoing project at Broomsedge for many years. Our extensive farming operation creates a controllable waterfowl paradise. We do everything in our power to increase duck populations within the strictest conservation guidelines.

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