Nov 10 Duck Report


From the Guide

Nov 10 Duck Report

November 10th Duck Report from our guide Darrell

Mims Farm

Mallards are flying really well. We have had a few mixed in with ducks and greenwing teal.

Gillis Springs

A dozen ringnecks, six green wings, three blue wings from wild birds. Mallards are also doing well. We also still have some geese showing up on the sod Farm.


The mallards have switched from the lower to the upper pond and they are flying really well. We have gotten the pontoons and Bill blinds we will start that next week need to find crossmembers.

Joe Poole

A handful of blue and teal. Mallards are doing good. We're waiting on the cotton to be harvested so I can get on the flight training between the ponds.

Herman Pond

300 to 400 geese coming in right at dark as well as about 100 wood ducks. Mallards are coming from the small pond to the big pond in the morning. Things are starting to pick up.

Wildwood Pond

Geese are using it as a roost in the afternoon, as well as a couple hundred wood ducks.


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