Sep 14 Duck Report


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Sep 14 Duck Report

September 14 Duck Report from our Duck Guide Darrell

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Over 100 Canadian geese work on the side fields. The mallards at Wimberley are getting fat and a few wood ducks work in the back of the pond. The mallards at the duck impoundment are doing well. We’re feeding and flight training them. We’ve yet to see wild birds back but that’s because the impoundment is not flooded yet.

Gillis Springs

Regularly 80 to 100 Canadian geese working the edge of the pond in the tall grass by the deer stand. Birds should be ready to shoot any day Probably going be a one shot deal, but they’re ready to be hunted. Saw a few Bluewing Teal mixed in with the mallards on the pond. Our thousands of new release mallards are doing really well and starting to fly.

Joe Poole

The release mallards are doing well here but not quite as well as the other three spots. There’s less open area here for the birds to get on the land, and so they’re about a week behind the other locations, but they are healthy. Have seen some Bluewing Teal mixed in with them—a dozen or so in the last week. No wood ducks here for now.

Herman Pond

The geese are roosting at night, leaving in the morning about 7am. Two large flocks about 30 Bluewing teal have been using the pond and about 50 wood ducks. The release mallards in the small pond are doing real well and have had wood ducks roost in with them.

Wildwood Pond

Scouted this week. Large flocks of Canadian geese are using it during midday the rest. We’ve also seen numerous wood ducks in three good areas. We’ll have them scouted out by the season and should be able to hunt these relatively easy.


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