Dove Hunting

Managed dove fields for a full year of shoots.


Corporate or Group Memberships: Your Own Dove Field

Reserve your field for the 2022-23 season.

A dove field includes:

  • Three locations to choose from
  • When you buy rights, shoot when you want
  • Up to 3 shoots per season
  • First shoot is provided with catered breakfast & lunch
  • Field manager provided during shoots
  • Transportation at each field
  • Extensive plots of sunflower, millet, corn
  • Snacks delivered to you in the field
  • Birds picked up, cleaned, iced*
  • We use Southland Clearfield sunflowers

Our dove fields have always attracted large amounts of birds, giving hunters guaranteed success.

With the extensive agricultural knowledge that the owners and management team possess, all hunters can expect to go through some shells. We only offer three dove fields throughout our farms. We do this to ensure that we can maximize the number of doves that will feed on these locations.

Most fields are planted in sunflowers and/or corn. You can expect first class hospitality from our staff. They will keep cold drinks and snacks delivered around the field during the early season hunts. For the late season hunts, we can substitute the cold drinks with hot chocolate and coffee.

All dove fields are done as Corporate hunts in which the whole field is purchased. Our fields can accommodate as few as 15 and as many as 100. Each field can be custom tailored for your specific needs as a group. 

See field details below.

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*Bird cleaning/packing fees are in addition to field price.

Lodging is available at $100 per person, but not included with field prices. 

D0ve Field Details

Watermelon Field

A 25 acre sandy-based sunflower field, known as Little Argentina to the locals. It has always been a great “bird field”. Limits are usually met within the first couple of hours. This field is available for a corporate hunt or you can put your own group together. Field will accommodate 20 hunters on each shoot. Once you purchase, you can manage your hunts. We will continue to mow, burn and enhance the field accordingly. For your first shoot, we will provide a catered breakfast and lunch. Rated our number 1 field year after year. 

The field clubhouse is located within 1/4 mile with restrooms, air conditioning and TVs.

Mimbs Farm

A large property that can handle up to 80 hunters on over 200 acres of corn & grain sorghum, 22 acres of sunflowers, and 20 acres of brown top millet. We are currently combining the corn on this property in phases to keep the feed fresh. This has been a great bird farm for over 60 years. Once you purchase, you can manage your hunts; we will continue to maintain the field and enhance accordingly. For your first shoot, we will provide a catered meal. The field clubhouse is nearby with restrooms. This is a beautiful, well spread out farm with hot spots in the sunflowers and millet.

Wimberly Farm

A 15 acres sunflower, corn (for blinds) and millet field. This location has the best sunflowers that we have ever grown; many with heads one foot diameter. This field is surrounded by 500 acres of irrigated corn. This may be a quick shoot because of the large amount of birds that flock to its sunflower patch. This field is on a farm that features a beaver pond with 1500 wood ducks every winter. This wildlife farm is predicted to become our number one field this year. For your first shoot, we will provide a catered meal. The field clubhouse is located within one mile with restrooms, air conditioning and TVs. Field will take care of 15-20 hunters.


Lodging Available

Our lodging is comfortable and includes meals. It's the ideal base for a multi-day deer hunt, or to ensure you're in your stand right at dawn.

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