Hog & Predator

We offer fully-outfitted and guided thermal hunts for wild hogs and coyote.


Night hunts with the latest gear.

Booking Thermal Hunts from April 1-August 31

If you've ever wanted to try a thermal hunt for hogs or coyotes, we have you covered. We fully outfit you with a gun, ammo, thermal scope and any needed predator/prey calls.

Our lands have an abundance of agricultural fields, overgrown fields, and natural food sources to hunt. Our guides have these animals patterned (as much as that's possible!) to ensure your best chance of success.



2-person minimum/4-person max

Nighttime hunt: You'll meet with your guide after sundown

Length of hunt depends on success rate but 2-3 hours is typical

Add-on lodging available

$750 for two

add'l hunters are $100 ea

There is a two-person minimum on thermal hunts. We hunt hogs & predators April 1- Aug 31.

If you have specific needs or ideas for something customized to you, give us a call to discuss.

Predator/Hog Hunting Details

Thermal Hunt

Guide Vehicle

Max # of Hunters


Minimum #


Equipment Included

snacks & beverages

# of Harvested Animals

no limit, but guide approves kills

Cost (per 2 hunters)


Additional Hunters

$100 (max of 4 in party)

Ask Us About our Memberships

We offer memberships as well as individual hunts. Our memberships are meant to provide the benefits of access to our thousands of acres of hunting and recreation on your terms. Call us to discuss options and we'll craft the best solution for your sporting wishes.